Corvette Racing Clutch Kit - Pfadt Racing : 2005-2013 C6 & Z06

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1121025
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In our continued efforts to support club racers every step of the way, we have teamed up with Quartermaster to provide the ultimate track day clutch kit.

The 8.5" clutch kit will provide reliable operation for up to approximately 800ft/lbs of torque time and time again, no matter what the track conditions. The friction material built from a metallic sintered bronze is ideal for use in this application because of it's high heat resistance and excellent wear characteristics, after 2 years of hard track use in our Pfadt C6Z race car we have yet to require a rebuild. Of course a rebuild will eventually be needed, and there are parts available to easily rebuild the unit.

How will this clutch system help drop your lap times? The OEM clutch is in the neighborhood of 65 pounds, this Quartermaster system is 25.5 pounds assembled including the 11lb steel flywheel. Steel was selected as the flywheel material of choice for it's consistency and durability in high stress applications. The one piece steel flywheel design including integrated ring gear is lighter, stronger and more durable than it's aluminum counterpart.

The clutch and flywheel's much lighter design overall translates into much less rotating mass and a corresponding lower Polar Moment of Inertia. With that being said we still wanted a kit that could still be driven on the street, so great care was taken not to be so light as to make it impossible to drive your car onto the trailer at the end of the day. The entire system is much lighter than stock and as such reacts to throttle inputs with much more precision, but can still be slipped without stalling. The clutch disk is unsprung which engages quickly, but can still be slipped.

Installation is equivalent to any other clutch install, and the package includes an upgraded hydraulic throw out bearing, stainless lines, and adapters as necessary to complete a C5 or C6 install. It does require the flaring of the OEM hard line to a AN fitting for those still running an OEM Master Cylinder, and hardware can be provided if you haven't already upgraded to an after market Master Cylinder.

We really had track cars in mind with this kit, and it will provide seamless use for many hard track miles. There are currently a dozen Pfadt Race team members who are running this package, some of whom use this on the street, all of whom race their cars hard on track. We keep a low stock of these kits and build each of these to order. After our own experience and the experience of our race team members, we are confident that we now have the premiere clutch solution for everyone from club racers to professional race teams!


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