Corvette Coilovers - Drag Racing FeatherLight Generation Coilovers - Pfadt Racing : 1997-2013 C5, C6 & Z06

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Following in the footsteps of the recent launch of our premier Double Adjustable coilover the Feather Light Generation DAs, we are announcing the little brother with many of the same features, optimized for DRAG RACING: The Feather Light Generation Drag Racing SAs (Single Adjustable).

This product is optimized for drag racing by utilizing softer, drag-specific springs to promote even weight transfer that won't over load the rear tires and result in a loss of traction. Not only are all four spring rates changed, but the front length is as well. This is also a huge advantage because on a drag launch, you want the front end to push up at an EVEN rate, that has little change in it as the weight transfers to the back. This is done with a lower rate, but longer spring up front. These upgraded red springs, combined with our recommended damper settings for drag racing will get the most out of your Corvette when launching at the strip. Our Drag Coilovers are featured on the fastest IRS Corvette in the world! (7.89@180)

The Feather Light Generation SA coilovers are a completely new design for the Pfadt family of Corvette suspension. Most notably, this product separates itself from the competition in the following ways:

INVERTED DESIGN: Placing the majority of the mass on the sprung side of the chassis allows the control arms and outboard components to react quicker and easier without the additional weight of the coilover itself. The result is a suspension system that responds faster to changes in the road whether its highway, local roads, or track surfaces. The less weight that is on that outboard suspension, the better your car will behave - you'll have a better connection between your Corvette chassis and the ground. Make sure your next set of coilovers are inverted.

LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH STRENGTH MATERIALS: Gone are the days when coilovers need to be made of corrosive steel components. The Feather Light Generation SAs are an all aircraft aluminum body which boasts high strength and very low weight. With the body and spring perch being manufactured out of anodized high-strength aluminum, you no longer have to worry about corrosion locking the two together. The materials in the new SAs allow pain-free height adjustability with ease with our threaded body. All non-aluminum components (upper mounting stud, lower mount mono-ball) are treated with corrosion-eliminating processes such as chroming, heat treating or using stainless steel. Don’t settle for heavy steel components.

BOA MOUNT, THE NEW STANDARD IN CORVETTE SHOCK UPPER MOUNTING: An idea taken directly from its much more expensive bigger brother, the Feather Light Generation DA; the new BOA mount is a no-compromises solution to Corvette shock upper mounts. Our mount is a zero-maintenance, completely sealed design that allows the FULL articulation required for the Corvette suspension. A common problem in coilover mounting for the Corvette is how to effectively mount the upper shock to the chassis without losing much shock travel and articulation. Common solutions are a clevis design that severely limits shock travel and will effect ride quality, and a “pin top” design that relies on compliance in consumable rubber bushings to deflect and bind the shock, creating an unsealed mount needing eventual replacement. The BOA MOUNT suffers none of these shortcomings as it is a solid mount similar to a control arm ball joint (quiet, durable, maintenance free), that is locked in place and then articulates with the suspension utilizing a low friction internal monoball that is sealed from the exterior elements. On top of all of this, the installation procedure could not be any easier. A simple easy to torque washer and nut retain the whole assembly. If your coilover doesn’t have the BOA mount, be aware of the potential future problems. Take a look at the video to see the new BOA MOUNT in action!

THE CIRC SYSTEM, A REVOLUTION IN REMOTE CANISTERS: A premium feature on the SAs that is unique to Pfadt is the CIRC (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) System. The idea behind this innovation is to implement a standard racing concept - the remote reservoir - in a lightweight, easy to install package. We integrate the remote reservoir with the shock to maximize suspension stroke for a very smooth ride on the street. The CIRC more than triples the gas volume over a standard coil over. Accomplishing this was no small feat because the remote canister is actual mounted radially AROUND the shock body itself. The result: a large gas volume that keeps the shock operation consistent over a wide temperature range and throughout the stroke. The bottom line: Consistency and performance over the life of the shock. This system permits the entire shaft/piston assembly to operate quickly, efficiently, and last a VERY long time as wear is at a minimum. Get the most advanced racing remote canister on the market for your street suspension. Anything less is a compromise in ride quality. Take a look at the following illustration to see how we package the upper BOA MOUNT and CIRC SYSTEM for maximum shock travel and extreme lowering.

EASY ONE-STEP RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: We make ride height adjustments easy to give you the ultimate control in setting your ride height and corner balancing your car. Included in our coilover kit is the single tool that you need to adjust the perch and tighten the set screw to lock the perch in location. Very simple, strong, and reliable. This single perch adjustment is a result of having ALL of the suspension travel required for the Corvette built into the shock body, since features like the BOA MOUNT and CIRC SYSTEM are used to maximize travel and stroke. Any other design is forced to limit the travel range. Our design is the most optimum for the Corvette and will deliver repeatable results time and time again.

FLOATING PISTON INTERNAL DESIGN: The most effective internal design for a performance shock that needs to last a lifetime of street use is the floating piston design, or “non emulsion” design. This design separates the oil volume from the gas volume and allows each to operate consistently despite changes in external conditions. In a standard emulsion shock, the oil and gas are free to mix together and can result in inconsistent performance when operating at low speeds and high speeds respectively. This is not good for the operation of the shock, as inconsistent performance correlates to inconsistent control of your Corvette’s wheels and suspension. Enter the “floating piston” style that isolates the two volumes and moves freely within the shock cylinder. Our floating piston design utilized in the Feather Light Generation SAs will keep your Corvette's suspension predicable and controllable for a precise feeling on the street and track. GM’s Z06 and Z51 shocks don’t have oil and gas compromises, neither should your coilovers. Be sure to run floating piston shocks on your Corvette. Take a look at the diagram to see how the designs differ.



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