Corvette Drag Race Spherical Bearings - Pfadt Racing : 1997-2013 C5, C6, Z06

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Serious drag racers finally have an engineered solution for solid spherical control arm bearings. The Pfadt kit replaces all 10 of the rear control arm bushings with mono-ball joints to eliminate friction and deflection.

The elimination of deflection in control arm bushings has a number of benefits. The tires during the drag launch will no longer toe in and and scrub horse power. The tires will stay pointing directly down the track with consistent toe throughout your drag run.

The drastic reduction of friction allows the tire to more closely follow the contour of the road surface. This means that the tire stays in contact with the road surface and traction is increased. This also results in a drivability improvement as bumps are more easily absorbed by the suspension.

The kit can be installed with no welding or machining required and can be done in your garage over a weekend. The factory bushings are pressed out and the spherical bearings are then bonded in place using a special adhesive.

All 60 components of this kit are manufactured in the USA with final assembly into the 10piece kit done in Utah. The replaceable bearings are Teflon lined for zero maintenance and minimum friction and are manufactured by FK in Connecticut. The 6061-T6 aluminum Spherical Bearing housings feature a special anodizing which has high corrosion resistance and is designed to maximize bond strength.

This kit is designed to maximize the performance of your race car suspension. Due to the nature of this race part there is an increase in road noise. Therefore we do not recommend this for the casual street car. However, this is highly recommended for dedicated track cars.

This kit is the ultimate suspension upgrade for your track car and there's nothing else like it on the market. Take the final step in completing your suspension package!



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