Corvette Spark Plug Wire Protector "Koolsox" (Set 8) : 1997-2013 C5, C6, Z06, ZR1 & Grand Sport

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"Koolsox" is a must have when using headers!

This remarkable new product is a double-layered fiberglass sock, which was designed as a safety feature for exposed spark plug boots and wires. Its unique ability to detect burn areas before they occur will avoid any misfire! Easy to install, just slide it on like a sock!
Work with all 1997 and newer Corvettes
Sold as a complete set of (8)
Does NOT include plug wires.

How does it work?
This is a high temperature composite insulation, consisting of densified silicone, cured directly into the surface and weave of a fiberglass mat. The materials are mechanically and permanently joined together during the manufacturing process without adhesives. This technique makes a truly homogenous one of a kind product which will not separate, tear, or easily puncture. It is so unique that a US Patent protects it.

  • Versatile. handles extreme temperatures. The silicone side is suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 500º F. The fiberglass side will withstand temperatures up to 1100º F. "Koolsox" also performs well at low temperatures, remaining flexible down to -40º F.
  • Durable. It will not burn, dry out, heat crack, hold moisture, or wear out under normal use. Race driver's on a budget will often use the same insulation on several vehicles throughout many seasons. The thick silicone surface will not wear out or lose it's thermal characteristics under normal use unlike most foil faced materials which easily get scuffed and dirty, resulting in a loss of thermal performance.
  • Safe. It contains no carcinogens like most ceramic blanket insulation, nor does it contain asbestos. It is easy to install and safe to handle, making it one of the most versatile insulation materials available.
  • Does Not Burn. For aviation applications, it easily passes Horizontal Flammability Specification FAR 23.853(a). Test results indicate 0 flame time, 0 burn length, and 0 burn rate. Lot certification can be supplied upon request. Not only does it satisfy the test, it simply DOES NOT BURN!
  • A Radiant Barrier. For applications requiring a high performance radiant as well as thermal barrier, foil can be laminated to the fiberglass side. Using a foil surface exposed to the heat source will reflect up to 99% of radiant heat providing additional thermal protection.


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