Corvette Gears Extreme Duty Rear Differential Package - 3.73 / 3.90 / 4.11 Exchange : 1997-2004 C5 & Z06

Option Selected: 3.73 Gears
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This WCC EXCLUSIVE "EXTREME" duty gear package!

For the serious drag racer who wants the strongest C5 rear end available. If you have 450HP + and plan to drag race we recommend this for your 1997-2004 C5 or Z06 Corvette.

All parts are specially treated for strength, the gears are also Micro Polished for strength and fit, before assembly with a custom severe duty output shaft. For additional improvements in your 60' times and 1/4 mi. ET.
• 1 Year Warranty

A description of the treatment process. No, we don't send your parts to the moon! We place them in a processor where they are gradually cooled with nitrogen gas to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature is maintained for at least eight hours. The length of time varies by material and desired results. After the cooling cycle is complete, the item is slowly warmed back to room temperature. Then the object is heat-treated, with temperatures of 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the composition of the item. Finally, the item is gradually returned to room temperature. The complete process takes a minimum of 24 hours. What is actually happening to the object? This one-time process tightens grain structure creating a denser micro-structure while increasing surface area. This improves the path of energy and provides increased stress relief and dimensional stability. The bottom line — components last longer and perform better.
  • Your choice of gear ratio(3.73/3.90/4.11)
  • Cryo Treated
  • NEW HD Output Shaft
  • New Seals
  • New Bearings
  • Professionally Hand Assembled
  • Quiet & Smooth Operation

We also offer Custom Posi Tuning. Please call for more details.

*NOTE: There is a $1000 core charge for this performance package.


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