Corvette Clutch - GM ZR1 Clutch Conversion : 2005-2013 C6, Z06, ZR1, Grand Sport

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GM and Sachs have designed the best clutch to ever be factory installed in a Corvette. The ZR1 clutch is capable of handling over 800hp but docile enough to provide the drivability expected of a new C6 Corvette. WCC has made this 2009-2011 ZR1 clutch available for all LS2, LS3 and LS7 Corvette owners to enjoy. Each C6 Corvette clutch assembly includes the OEM ZR1 pressure plate and disk, new throw out bearing and slave cylinder, new billet steel flywheel and the necessary flywheel and pressure plate mounting hardware.

The ZR1 clutch is now available for all C6 Corvettes because it includes a new aluminum flywheel with 6 bolt pattern for standard LS engines as opposed to nine on the ZR1. This allows the flywheel to be bolted to the crankshaft on any C6 Corvette including the Z06. The steel flywheel, also sold separately, is made from billet steel by the original ZR1 flywheel manufacturer and has been tested in excess of 12,000 rpm. This flywheel is only compatible with the ZR1 Corvette clutch assembly.

If you are tired of your Corvette’s clutch slipping, or on the flip side you can’t enjoy driving your Corvette because it seems that the clutch has an on/off switch, consider our new clutch assembly. With a bolt on installation, all necessary components and hardware your Corvette will be capable of holding huge amounts of horsepower while maintaining a smooth ride.

Tested at over 700 Horsepower!
ZR1 Clutch Assembly
Katech Flywheel
Katech Slave Cylinder

The Stock flywheel will NOT accept the ZR1 Twin Disc clutch. We Include the Katech flywheel, which is required for the LS7. (Installation Note: Baking of the flywheel to 350 degrees is required to install on LS7)

NOTE: The ZR1 flywheel is 9 Bolt where the LS3 is 6 bolt, this requires a special Flywheel to mate up the ZR1 Twin disc Clutch to the LS3, Plus a Spacer to put behind the ZR1 Slave Cylinder and longer bolts. Includes the Katech flywheel which is required to install on LS7. Plus, baking of the flywheel to 350 degrees is needed to install on LS7.

"These Clutches are The BEST I have Ever Driven and Can take a Lot of Punishment after the Break in Period. Remember guys Proper Break In is Critical to ANY Clutch."


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