Corvette Nitrous Oxide - NX Automatic Remote Bottle Opener

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Manufacturer Part Number: 11107
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Here's a little story for you...your sitting at a red light minding your business and a guy pulls up next to you in a slightly modified Mustang and your thinking, DAMN MY BOTTLE IS NOT OPEN! It's obvious that he thinks he can out run your Vette and you remember that you have the Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener and have it opened just in time to blow his doors off!

Nitrous Express introduced the nitrous industry's first servo powered bottle opener in 1999. It has been copied but never duplicated. NX now introduces the Next Generation in nitrous bottle openers. This unique new design will operate any brand nitrous bottle and is lighter and sleeker than any available opener. Sure to be copied, but NXs Made in the USA quality will never be matched!


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