Corvette Supercharger LS7 Dry Sump 8 Rib Pulley Belt Conversion Kit : 2006-2013 Z06

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LS7 (dry sump) 8-Rib Belt Conversion Kit

For large displacement or high boost applications, an 8-rib conversion is mandatory. Our system will provide everything necessary to convert your system. A custom 8" diameter , SFI approved (7 ¼” for LS7 applications) harmonic balancer provides a 10% overdrive ratio. This provides more belt surface area due to the two extra belt ribs as well as the larger diameter. This larger balancer has the added advantage of allowing the use of a larger supercharger pulley to attain the same boost level or more boost with the same size blower pulley. The larger pulley gives more belt area and more grip. Also included are a power steering pulley, alternator pulley, tensioner pulley and our custom idler pulley that mounts to your OE alternator/power steering bracket. We will also include the necessary spacers and bolts to move your supercharger bracket forward the correct amount so that your belt alignment will be correct. Pulleys alone will not work without the correct spacers and bolts. Ours is the only system to include all these extras. Not included is the actual supercharger pulley itself as there are many variables involved in picking the correct pulley. We stock most sizes for Vortech supercharger units.

Notes: C6 Models will need to purchase a new A/C belt. (K040413)
For vehicles equipped with alternator decoupler pulleys, you will need a HAZET 2592 Tool or Goodyear 802592 tool and T-50 Torx bit to remove the hub and a M-16x1.5 flange nut to install the supplied 8-rib alternator pulley.


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