Corvette Seat Track Repair Shim Kit : 1997-2004 C5 & Z06

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1997-2004 Corvette Seat Track Repair Shim Kit

  • Repairs Seat Tracks On Cars With Electric Seats
  • Eliminates Seat Sliding Forward During Braking & Sliding Reward During Acceleration (Commonly Referred To As Seat Rocking)
  • Saves Expense Of Buying New Seat Tracks From GM For Over $540
  • Kit Includes (4) Self-Lubricating Shims & (2) Special Installation Tools (Shims May Be Supplied In Either Black Or White)
  • Step-By-Step Installation Instructions Included

    Up until now your only option for eliminating annoying seat rocking was to fork out over $540 per seat + labor to Chevrolet for new seat tracks. Now you can repair instead of replace the seat tracks by installing (4) new self-lubricating shims in the seat tracks. These shims replace the original shims that deteriorate and wear out over time. Installation is not difficult and is easily accomplished by any self-respecting do-it-yourselfer. The kit includes (2) short arm, stubby Torx wrenches for three reasons 1. the larger wrench allows you access to the worm gear that is between the seat tracks (it’s the tight quarters that doesn’t allow normal hand tools to fit) 2. most people will not have these size wrenches and they are not commonly available at local home stores and 3. it saves you the big expense of buying a complete tool kit to get these special tools. Step-by-step installation instructions are included to make the job easy to do.

    NOTE: This kit will repair one seat only.


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