Corvette Supercharger Kit - WCC Exclusive Vortech : 1997-2004 C5 & Z06

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Bolt on 150HP to your 1997-2004 C5 or Z06 Corvette!
WCC Corvette Performance is an independent manufacturer of custom supercharger systems for the C5 and C6 corvette. We use Vortech head units exclusively as we feel these are the most efficient units available The remainder of the entire system is designed and manufactured by WCC Corvette. As of December 2009 WCC has manufactured and sold over 1000 supercharger systems for the C5 and C6 Corvette exclusively. Of these 1000 systems, approximately 25% of them were installed and dyno tuned in our own shop. Approximately 35% were sold to "do it yourselfers" who installed the systems at home. The remainder were distributed through our ever growing network of authorized sales and installation centers.
WCC Superchargers vs the Competition
We invite you to look closely at our system vs. all others. The fit, finish and quality of components used are second to none. This commitment to aesthetics carries forward with the same commitment to function. We are continually analyzing how any part of the system could be potentially improved and implementing these improvements. It is through this never ending desire to offer the best system available that our system has evolved into just that.
Our bracket and pulley design offers excellent alignment and belt wrap. This is essential in any supercharger system and is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. Aluminum plate has variances in both thickness and straightness. We realized this early on and rather than use 9/16” plate in the manufacturing process, we use 5/8” plate and machine the entire plate on both sides. This is a costly addition to the manufacturing process but is the only way to assure that every single bracket is absolutely flat and dimensionally equal. No other manufacturer pays this much attention to detail in their bracketry. We use double bearing pulleys with stainless inserts to support the bearings. Others just stick a bolt and washer through the pulley with no regard to properly supporting the bearing.
Our intercooler design also differs from any other. Not only are our intercoolers as large as practical for a Corvette, but the placement and attention given to airflow management is unmatched. An intercooler must have as much ambient airflow through the core area as possible to be efficient. Our design is the only one that is 100% exposed to frontal airflow either directly (C6) or through the use of directional scoops (C5). Not one square inch of either intercooler is shrouded by the frame or bodywork.
Airflow through the rear of the intercooler is also important. Most designs place the intercooler tightly against the radiator and air conditioning condenser. We place our intercoolers with a large space between these components which aids in airflow through the intercooler as well as airflow to the radiator and condenser.
We are also the only manufacturer that utilizes sheet metal panels to direct airflow into the radiator. Without these panels up to 35% of this air would be lost into the fender wells and front fascia. Again, we are the only manufacturer that includes any sort of panels to direct airflow into the radiator.
The inlet duct from our high flow air filter to the supercharger inlet is also designed with superior airflow in mind. The curves are smooth and cross sectional area is large. This all translates into lower inlet temps and more power output. Restrictions in the inlet duct drive up inlet temps and lower boost. Some manufacturers actually use a supercharger that is way too large for the application and try to choke down the inlet so as to limit boost at the top end. While this may make a nice looking dyno curve under ideal conditions, in real life the inlet air temperatures are sky high. They then recommend a methanol injection system to compensate for the mismatch in components. It is always better to use the correct supercharger for the intended application. We have a great trade in program available to those that decide to build a forged motor and run higher boost at a later date.
We recently contracted with Turbosmart to build our blowoff valves. This valve is built in Australia to our specifications and is superior to other designs. There are no O Rings to come loose or flapper valves that don’t seal properly. The piston design reacts very quickly and has adequate airflow for most applications. It also has a great sound that without being obnoxious. ( We do have larger valves available for those that do want to be obnoxious.) The Turbosmart valve is another expensive addition to the WCC Supercharger system that is included in our very reasonable price.
Why supercharge your Corvette?
Supercharging is, without a doubt, the best “bang for the buck” as far as performance upgrades are concerned. A fairly radical head and cam upgrade, with aftermarket heads, ($2500) HD timing set( $150), LSX intake manifold ($800). (add another $350 for a ported manifold) Ported throttle body($400) , custom camshaft ($429), hardened pushrods ($129) aftermarket exhaust headers with high flow catalytic converters ($1800), underdrive pulley ($250), larger injectors,($300) etc. etc. will put you over $7000 ! Now you have a car that has a considerable drop in low end power, is hard to drive in traffic, doesn’t have a chance of passing an emissions test and is STILL DOWN BY 100 HORSEPOWER to a stock car with an WCC Supercharger! Look at the dyno sheets and see how superior the supercharged car is in any RPM range.
Supercharged cars drive just like a stock car on steroids! Highway gas mileage, drivability, and interior noise are virtually unaffected. Only a slight whining noise, heard only from outside the car, give away the fact that you are driving a car that will beat almost anything on the road. Add one of our custom cams (vey streetable and emissions friendly) and make some serious power!
Centrifugal vs. Roots or Twin Screw Type Superchargers
The roots or twin screw superchargers will make boost right off idle and are good for heavy trucks with automatic transmissions. The one main disadvantage to this type of blower is gas mileage. Every time you touch the throttle the computer has to add fuel and pull timing to stave off detonation. Even at light throttle the computer has to go into this mode.
The centrifugal supercharger works differently. It basically freewheels until you put enough load on the engine to drop the vacuum down to near zero. At that point the blowoff valve closes and the charger starts making boost. Until that point, the computer is still in cruise mode with full timing and a lean fuel mixture.
What makes WCC Corvette Supercharger Kits Different?
Ah, yes the centrifugal supercharger. We choose Vortech. Polished finish is standard.
The V-2 Si-Trim is now the standard in WCC Corvette supercharging systems. This new supercharger is equipped with enhanced high-performance compressor stages, allowing for greater airflow, boost pressure and power gain potential. These new compressors are a product of Vortech's latest research and development process. The Si-Trim is capable of operating at a peak efficiency of 78% - an impressive 6% improvement over the S-Trim's already class-leading performance. Not only does a more efficient supercharger produce a cooler air charge, it also allows for reduced engine load which results in greater net horsepower and torque gains.
While the V-2 Si-Trim is standard (and has shown itself to be 700RWHP and 9 sec 1/4 mile worthy), you can upgrade to a V-2 T-Trim, V-3 Si-Trim, V-3 T-Trim, V-7 JT-Trim, or V-7 YSi-Trim Supercharger!
Ram-Air Intercooler
  • Our intercooler design has evolved, through constant testing, into the most efficient intercooler system available for the C6 Corvette.
  • Our intercoolers rely on superior “air management” of the charge air as well as the external cooling airflow. Both are equally important and are often overlooked by the competition. With the limited space available in a Corvette, positioning of the intercooler is critical.
  • A large intercooler that is hidden behind the frame is not as efficient as a smaller intercooler that is exposed to full frontal airflow. Our intercooler is as large as any available but it’s placement is the key to superior charge cooling. The entire core is exposed to the cooling air stream.
  • The top of the intercooler core is positioned right at the bottom of the frame. It is mounted forward so as not to allow air to flow over the top of the intercooler.
  • We have side panels and a larger bottom panel that seals up against the front fascia.
  • This gives us a “Ram Air” effect through our intercooler. No other manufacturer has spent as much time and resources on air flow management as WCC.
  • Looking through the grill opening on an WCC system will reveal the difference between our system and all others. Nothing but the core area of the intercooler is exposed to the incoming rush of cold air. The intercooler face in encompassed by our sheet metal enclosure and both tanks are completely hidden from view.
  • The area next to the intercooler is also closed in with aluminum panels assuring that any air that is fed around the sides of the intercooler is redirected back into the radiator. Again, this is something no other manufacturer has incorporated into their systems.
  • Other designs allow the upper portion of the intercooler core to be shrouded by the frame and allow air to travel over and around the intercooler. When looking through the grill opening on other systems, you see the lower tank and only a portion of the core. This is horribly inefficient!
Mounting Bracketry
  • Belt wrap is the key to eliminating belt slip and our proprietary bracket system offers more belt wrap than any other system on the market.
  • Our bracket is CNC machined from 5/8” high quality 6061 aluminum plate and fly cut on both sides to assure absolute consistency in thickness. This is imperative for proper belt alignment.
  • Our brackets are constantly quality checked by assembling on our “mock up” engine and checking alignment with a laser aligner.
Turbosmart Blowoff Valve
  • Blow-off Valves improve supercharger operations by opening to relieve unwanted pressure during deceleration. This reduces heat build-up and eliminates compressor surge
  • Flows 320 CFM @ 8 PSIG
  • This aluminum piece is standard in our systems, not the cheap plastic valve
  • We also include a filter to quiet down the valve
60 lb/hr Fuel Injectors
For your LS1/LS6/LS2/LS3/LS7, we supply you with 60lb injectors.

Fuel Pump or Boost A Pump
All WCC supercharger systems (except tuner kits) come complete with the appropriate fuel delivery system for their application and horsepower output. There is no need to purchase anything additional unless your boost and horsepower are raised beyond the capacity of the standard systems

NGK TR-6 Spark Plugs
Forced inducted cars need colder plugs. The kit will come with a set of one heat range colder (TR-6) spark plugs.

Crank Pinning Kit
Crank pinning kit that includes a new factory GM crank bolt.
Constant Tension Clamps
All visible connections are made with High Quality Stainless Constant Tension clamps. While the traditional worm gear clamps get the job done, these clamps have a cleaner looking appearance. Not only are they good looking, but the spring action within the tensioning screw compensates for heat expansion and cooling contraction of supple silicone hose. Constant tension means the lowest possible risk of boost leaks.

The Little Things
The little things, let's take our idler pulley that goes on the automatic tensioner as an example. We have a spacer machined for us to fit in the pulley. Pretty sweet setup. We have seen other kits that use just a washer in this situation. Tightening the Bolt only bends the washer!


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