Liquid X Clay Mitt and Shock Ceramic Spray Bundle

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Liquid X Clay Mitt and Shock Ceramic Spray Bundle

Quickly and safely remove contaminants from your vehicle's surface with our Fine Grade Clay Mitt. Pair the Clay Mitt with Liquid X Detail Spray to lubricate the surface to aid in removing contaminants. Not only is the Clay Towel extremely easy to use, but it also saves you time! Instead of taking 2 hours to clay your vehicle, your time can be cut down to just 45 minutes to complete an entire vehicle. Once your vehicle is free of surface contaminants, add a layer of protection with Liquid X Shock Ceramic Spray. Our Ceramic Spray gives your car ultimate protection that will leave it looking better than ever. Containing a unique, revolutionary blend of Sio2 and nano-polymers, our easy to use spray will leave you with an ultra-slick, hydrophobic, and extremely durable finish. As it instantly beads water and repels harmful contaminants, it keeps your vehicle cleaner longer.

16oz Detail Spray
16oz Shock Ceramic Spray
Fine Grade Clay Mitt


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