Liquid X Shock Ceramic Spray - 16 oz.

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Liquid X Shock Ceramic Spray - 16 oz.

Enhance the color and shine of your vehicle, while also creating a super slick finish for easier maintenance. Liquid X Ceramic Spray gives your car ultimate protection that will leave it looking better than ever. Containing a unique, revolutionary blend of Sio2 and nano-polymers, our easy to use spray will leave you with an ultra-slick, hydrophobic, and extremely durable finish. This formula has been designed for the user to experience professional level results without spending a fortune.

Our proprietary blend instantly beads water and repels harmful contaminants, keeping your vehicle cleaner longer, while also enriching the color and shine of the surface. As our innovative ceramic spray bonds to the surface an extremely durable shield is created to protect against water-spots, road contamination, UV rays, animal droppings, and oxidation. Liquid X Ceramic Spray provides up to 9 months of protection to surfaces such as paint, plastic, wheels, glass, bed liners and more!

Creates a durable shield for long lasting protection
Safe for use on paint, plastic, glass and more
Leaves ultra-glossy, hydrophobic finish
Provides 9 months protection


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