Liquid X Refine Finishing Polish - 16 oz.

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Liquid X Refine Finishing Polish - 16 oz.

Liquid X Refine is a professional grade low dust finishing polish that enhances depth and reflection to give your paint a new, refined finish. Refine was designed specifically as a final gloss enhancer and swirl remover to eliminate the haze left behind by heavier cutting compounds. Ultra-fine, micro-abrasives cut light and quick to remove surface swirls, holograms, and haze.

When developing this versatile, silicone and wax free polish, our goal was to achieve the most effective, high gloss, swirl free and easy to use polish on the market. We feel that once you use it, you too will be convinced that we absolutely nailed it. This final or one step polish will rapidly diminish imperfections to reveal the refined, mirror-like finish you’ve been looking for.

Final gloss enhancer
Silicone and wax free
Safe for all paint and gel coat finishes
Pair with Liquid X Refine HDO Finishing/Polishing Pad


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