Liquid X Renew Medium Correcting Compound - 16 oz.

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Liquid X Recover Medium Correcting Compound - 16 oz.

Liquid X Renew is a professional grade correcting compound that perfects and clarifies your paints surface. This easy to use formula is the ultimate solution for finishes with light to medium swirls, scratches and imperfections. Renew has been specifically engineered with the latest diminishing abrasive technology to provide a light-medium cutting action for an unsurpassed finish, clarity, and shine.

This 100% silicone and wax free formula has been created for renewing and enhancing any paint, clear coat or gel coat finish. Renew has been tested by professionals and developed using only the finest ingredients and science to uphold the highest level of performance. You’ll be amazed with the results that will be achieved in less time and minimal effort!

Removes light to medium imperfections
Silicone and wax free
Safe for all paint and gel coat finishes
Pair with Liquid X Renew HDO Medium Cutting Pad


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