Liquid X Original Wheel Woolies Brushes 3 Piece Kit

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Liquid X Original Wheel Woolies Brushes 3 Piece Kit

Get the most sought after wheel cleaning brushes in the world by professional detailers and non professional car care enthusiasts. This set of 3 Original Wheel Woolies brushes includes one 8" brush, one 12" caliper spoke brush, and one 18" brush. The different brush variations allow you to get into every nook and cranny to clean safer and faster than ever before. The red foam grips allow for easy, no-slip cleaning.

The small brush works great for getting into tighter areas like wheel crevices and lug nuts. Our caliper spoke brush features a 45 degree angle, allowing you to clean dirt and grime from behind the wheels. The largest brush measures 18" and is perfect for cleaning large areas like wheel barrels and fender liners. Wheel Woolies brushes are made with only the highest grade of wool to ensure safe cleaning on all wheels and rims. Complete with long handles to allow you to reach into hard to reach areas.

Foam, no-slip grip handles
Premium absorbent synthetic wool
Safest and most effective wheel cleaning tools
Set of 3 brushes
Made in the USA


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