Liquid X Wheel Cleaner

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Liquid X Wheel Cleaner has been designed to remove stubborn stains and brake dust to renew the factory look of your wheels. The unique formula foams on the surface to dissolve grease and grime effectively and safely. Our innovative cleaner has been created to lift dirt with revolutionary foaming action that penetrates through the heaviest brake dust. Simply spray our unique formula directly onto the surface to decontaminate and prevent future buildup. Safe for virtually any wheel finish including powder coated, painted, chrome, custom, or anodized wheels.

Feel confident with our ultra-safe formula as it is non-corrosive to metal or painted surfaces. It is also environmentally safe as there are no color changing chemicals. Regardless of your wheel finish, Liquid X Wheel Cleaner is all you will ever need to maintain the original look of your wheels, tires and wheel wells. Allow our advanced cleaner to destory any oil, grime, dirt, grease, brake dust and other harmful desposits on your wheels before it becomes permanent corrosion. Our Wheel Cleaner also works great to remove grease from engine bays.

• Safely removes stains and brake dust
• Non-corrosive formula
• Safe for all wheel finishes
• Pair with Liquid X Wheel Woolies


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