Corvette Rear Reverse, 3rd Brake, Taillight Acrylic Blackout 7 Pc. Kit : 1997-2004 C5 & Z06

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Seven Piece Rear Blackout Kit
Corvette Rear Reverse, 3rd Brake and Taillight Acrylic Blackout Kit : 1997-2004 C5 & Z06

7 piece Kit Includes:
4- MOLDED Taillights covers
2 -Reverse lights covers
1- 3rd brake light cover

Don't be fooled by the flat kits.

Why molded are better than flat covers:
We can let the pictures below do the talking but you will notice right away how our molded blackouts reflect a true image rather then a distorted reflection like the flat blackouts. Your tail lights are curved why should your blackouts be flat? The flat blackouts make your tail lights look bigger than they really are.We switched our own C5 from flat to the new molded kit, you should too!

Taillights re-use the factory screws for a tight and secure fit (much harder to steal then the other kits that use velcro, wont fall off either) Reverse light covers and 3rd brake light cover use heavy duty 3m double sided tape to securely attach them This means you will not see the tape outline when the third brake light is on or when the reverse lights are on.
Our lens covers are molded to the curve of the factory tail lights. A perfect fit.
Complete color install instructions are provided.

When you turn on your parking lights or use your brake lights they are still highly visible through the blackout covers.

Note: May not be 50 states legal. Check with your local law enforcement agency for verification.


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