Corvette Flat Rear Taillight Blackout Lens Kit - Smoked Acrylic - 4Pc. : C7 Stingray, Z51, Z06, Grand Sport

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Manufacturer Part Number: GSC7FBOK
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C7 Corvette Stingray, Z51, Z06, Grand Sport Flat Rear Taillight Blackout Lens Kit - Smoked Acrylic - 4Pc.
Fits: ALL C7 models including the Z06
What you get:
(4) FLAT Taillight blackout covers. Each of these lens covers are completely flat and not molded to the shape of the taillight like we offer in our other kit. What this means is from some angles like when looking from the side you still will see parts of the original taillight.
Please be aware of this when buying.
Material: 1/16' thick Acrylic. (This is not a vinyl or cheap sticker overlays; it’s the real deal hard Acrylic blackout kit!!)
Each cover is securely attached using heavy duty CLEAR 3m® double sided tape. This means you won't see any tape outline when the parking/brake lights are on.
Installation: Clean each taillight with alcohol, then just remove the red tape backing and stick on. It can’t get any easier then this!! It will take you less then 5 minutes to install this kit!!
When you turn on your parking lights or use your brake lights they are still highly visible through the blackout covers.
You will NOT need the "Reverse Blackouts" if you buy this kit.


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