Corvette Rear Deck Track Pack Spoiler w/Wickerbill - Carbon Fiber - APR Performance : C7 Z06

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Corvette APR Performance Rear Deck Track Pack Spoiler with Wickerbill - Carbon Fiber C7 Z06
Fits C7 Z06 ONLY

The Rear Deck Spoiler is an aerodynamic component that can be used alone or in conjunction with other aerodynamic components to improve the overall efficiency of a vehicle's aerodynamic package. The Performance Rear Deck Spoiler integrates with the vehicle's rear deck to:
- Reduce rear-end lift and increase high-speed cornering grip (the magnitude varies depending on a vehicle's shape).
- Increase downforce and reduce drag when used with other aerodynamic components (i.e. rear wing, rear diffuser, etc.).

Adjustable wickerbill
Factory-like fitment
This vehicle-specific component is designed to match the contours of the vehicle's rear deck area, for a factory-like fitment. Carbon Fiber Construction This component is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-pregnated carbon fiber manufacturing processes, for high strength and low weight.
UV Resistant Coating
Each Rear Deck Spoiler is finished with UV-resistant clear-coat paint for resistance against various environmental conditions (take care of this as you would take care of your vehicle's paint finish - polish then coat with good-quality wax or synthetic protectant).
Mounting Hardware Included
Screws, nuts and bolts are all included to allow you to install the Rear Deck Spoiler to your vehicle.


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