Corvette Race Ramps Crib Cruisers (Set of 4) : C5, C6, C7

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Manufacturer Part Number: RR-CC-8
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Crib Cruisers are the newest product in its Race Ramps Wheel Cribs product line. In addition to providing a safe, lightweight alternative to jack stands, Crib Cruisers can be used in conjunction with Zoom Jacks, GoJaks, or any other similar products to reposition a vehicle while keeping it cradled above the ground. By supporting the tire 8” off the ground, Crib Cruisers provide unobstructed access underneath the car. They can also be used for car display. A set of four Crib Cruisers will support 6,400 pounds. Their patented super lightweight 100% solid construction provides a flat and wide footprint—so they can be safely used on hard or soft surfaces like grass, sand, or pavement—without sinking. The Cribs are highly durable, virtually indestructible, and very stable. They won’t gouge, scratch, or otherwise damage driveways or floors, and they are easy to clean and won’t rust.
  • 8" lift, 12" wide
  • Sold as a set of 4


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