Liquid X Pro Grip VRP Applicator

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Liquid X Pro Grip VRP Applicator (1 or 2 pack available).

The Liquid X Pro-Grip VRP Applicator has been designed to work specifically with our VRP Dressing. The unique wave pattern pushes product into uneven surfaces more effectively than other dressing applicators. As it glides over textures surfaces, the wave pattern easily distributes product within any cracks or crevices. Excessive absorption and product waste is eliminated with our dense foam as it evenly distributes product onto the surface without creating any buildup. This buildup can cause dressings to sling onto your paint and potentially cause damage. When combined with our no-sling Liquid X V.R.P Dressing, our applicator ensures an even coat of dressing is applied to eliminate any slinging.

Our ultra high quality foam is incredibly durable for use on rough surfaces including tires, yet soft enough for vinyl, plastic and other trim. The convenient handle ensures a mess free application for any job, with less hassle in less time. No more dirty fingers after applying dressing to your tires. The rounded top allows for more control and comfort, while also keeping the dressing off your hands. Watch as the wave pattern works product into every rivet, pattern and even intricate lettering on tires. Washable and reusable, our applicator will last through numerous detail jobs.

Unique wave pattern
Mess free application
High quality, durable foam
Washable & reusable
Pair with Liquid X VRP Dressing


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