Liquid X Rapid Dry Towel - 50" x 30"

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Manufacturer Part Number: LX23130
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Liquid X Rapid Dry Towel - 50" x 30"
Stop wasting time and energy using multiple towels to dry your vehicle. The Rapid Dry Towel is the only tool you will ever need to dry your car and it gets the job done in seconds! Made with ultra-high quality microfiber, this unique towel has cutting edge channel-like layers woven in to absorb more water than other towels on the market. The result? A dry car in less time without the risk of scratches. Stop using towels that need to be rubbed on your paint over and over again and still leaves water behind. This towel is full of new microfiber technology that is guaranteed impress. Simply lay flat on the car and lightly swipe across the surface. Machine washable.

Incredibly fast drying for your entire car, truck, SUV, RV, and more
Measures 50" x 30"
Absorbs and traps water
High quality microfiber will not scratch or leave swirls


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