Liquid X Complete Foam Gun Wash Kit

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Liquid X Complete Foam Gun Wash Kit
The Liquid X Complete Foam Gun kit will make washing quicker and easier. Our versatile Car Shampoo works great in both bucket washing and foam guns. We have added extra foam to help lift and remove dirt safely as it is sprayed from the foam gun. You'll even start to see a shinier coat to your paint within minutes. Our shampoo is pH balanced and safe for all finishes. Use the complete bucket system, premium extra large wash mitt and super sized drying towel for easy washing. Then finish it off with our quick sealant Detail Spray and matching Xtreme towels for a shine you wouldn't believe! The Liquid X Foam gun is compatible with all standard garden hoses.

Liquid X Foam Gun
16oz & 1 Gal Car Shampoo
Wash Mitt
16oz Detail Spray
2 Green Xtreme Plush Waffle Weave Towels
Charcoal Supersized Drying Towel
4.25Gal Liquid X Bucket
Gamma Seal Lid
Grit Guard


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