Corvette ACS Stage 2 Z06 Wicker Spoiler Conversion Kit : C7 Z06, Grand Sport

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Manufacturer Part Number: 45-4-111 CFZ
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ACS Stage 2 Z06 Wicker Spoiler Conversion Kit :
C7 Corvette Z06, Grand Sport

The Benefits:
The Stage 2 Rear Spoiler Conversion kit is a must for your Stage 1 Z06 or Grand Sport, if you are looking to upgrade your car with added downforce. Package includes two larger spoiler end wickers to replace the original Stage 1 smaller wickers found on the Z06. Complements existing components

Parts are made in ABS-PC plastic injection and painted ‘Carbon Flash Black’ specifically in order to match the Z06's trim pieces such as the hood insert, rear quarter ports, diffusers and fender inserts. Once fitted, you will wonder why it wasn’t always there.

Easy and clean install

Our kit can be installed with NO mods, using the stage 1 wicker, simply remove the current wicker and install the new larger setup.
This kit is for the 2014 -17 C7 Corvette Z06 with Stage 1 or Level 1 Aeropackage.

Note: You will NOT need to drill if your Corvette has a stock spoiler. It will re-use those OEM mounting points. You will only need to drill if your Corvette did not come with a blade spoiler.
This will NOT fit Stingray.


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