Liquid X Ultimate Trim Detailer

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Liquid X Ultimate Trim Detailer is an everyday essential to restore faded or dull surfaces. Regain the deep rich color of any type of trim, door panels, dashboards, AC vents, bumpers, grilles, engine bays, tires and more. Our trim detailer sprays a light, even coat of product to bring back the original beauty of your vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces. This easy-to-use aerosol utility product simply sprays on and wipes off for a non-greasy, satin finish.

Gone are the days that you have to waste your time trying to cram other product into tiny, hard to reach crevices. Our Ultimate Trim Detailer gets the job done in just seconds! Infused with anti-static agents and UV protection to prolong the life of your vehicles surfaces. Hard-to-reach areas? No Problem. Spray our Trim Detailer directly onto the surface as wiping is not necessary with our dry to the touch formula. Overspray? Not to worry. Simply wipe off excess from paint or glass surfaces. Not sure what to use it on? This stuff is safe for just about everything!

Restores dull plastic and trim
Non-greasy, satin finish
Great for hard to reach areas
UV Protection


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