Liquid X Chevron Pattern Large Foam Dressing Applicator Pads

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2 Pack - Liquid X Chevron Pattern Large Foam Dressing Applicator Pads
The chevron Foam Dressing applicator is an essential tool for applying any product. It can be used on tough surfaces such as tires, while soft enough to use on the most delicate surfaces like leather, door panels and paint. The dense polyblend foam technology will not soak up excess amounts of product, yet has enough absorbency that it will eliminate messy drips. By simply applying a small amount of pressure, the sponge-like foam is expanded, releasing the product as you wipe across the surface, without wasting a drop. The unique laser cut chevron design guarantees that product will be equally applied to even uneven, textured surfaces or hard to reach cracks. These unusual grooves also aid in making sure a thin layer of product is pressed into the surface so it does not leave it greasy or wet. Our foam applicator is so versatile that it can be used with sprays, gels or creams and will not only apply product, but pick up and trap any leftover dirt or debris. The dense dura foam orange top makes it easy to get into small, difficult crevices as it can be formed to any shape and still refer back to its original shape. Use the Liquid X Foam dressing applicator for an easy solution for any application on your vehicle. Simply swipe back and forth until product is spread on at desired thickness.
Wash and rinse as needed.


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