Liquid X Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt - Extra Large : Orange

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Liquid X Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt - Extra Large : Orange

Liquid X Premium Wash Mitt is made from thick, plush microfiber strands to ensure a scratch-free wash. The thick stands allow for ultimate water absorption aiding in lubrication to prevent scratches and swirls on your vehicle. Measuring 12" x 8" this wash mitt not only holds a lot of water, but it also washes large areas at once, which helps to reduce the amount of times you have to go back to the water bucket. As the mitt covers a large surface area while washing, it also picks up any remaining dirt and debris within the microfibers that may have been left behind. The dirt becomes trapped within the gaps of the plump microfibers, while the fluffy fibers glide across the surface without scratching. Other cheap microfiber wash mitts may leave swirls and scratches along your paintwork as they are made with low quality materials. Our super fluffy mitt has thick plush microfiber strands leaving your vehicle with a polished finish. These thick, high density fibers retain water to help the mitt glide along the car with ease to gently wipe away grime. Our super soft wash mitt also works great for dusting off your car. The elastic cuff allows for comfortable washing and dusting without the mitt falling off. Keep your wash mitt clean to prevent scratching.
100% machine washable.


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