Liquid X Foam Wash Gun

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Liquid X Foam Wash Gun
Give your car a complete foam bath to remove dirt and grime without scratching delicate paint with our Liquid X Foam Gun. The washing technique of using a foam gun helps to prevent scratching as the amount of foam produced helps in the lubrication process. The soapy water lifts dirt and debris from the surface for safe, gentle washing. This easy to use foam gun attaches to any garden hose. Made of high quality materials, our foam gun will last for years to come. Make washing your car a fun and easy experience with the Liquid X Foam Gun! Our foam gun mixes the shampoo with the right amount of water to produce tons of suds. Add 3 ounces of shampoo with water. The adjustable nozzle on the top of the gun allows you to adjust the dilution ratio to pick the setting you need, whether you need a small amount of foam or a ton of foam.


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