Corvette Brake Scoop Protective Covers - ACS : C7 Z06, Grand Sport

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C7 Corvette Z06, Grand Sport
Brake Scoop Protective Covers - ACS

Acting like a protective skin, the ACS Composite brake scoop cover is ideal for protecting the trim bezel that is under constant attack from road debris chipping away at it, which creates a heavy wear-and-tear look on the C7. By covering the bezel with the protective sleeve during daily driving you can avoid this issue--Similar to the effects of a phone, tablet, or laptop cover!

For those C7s already showing damage, the ACS cover will conceal that area, and is a great way to hide the damage in pictures, shows, and car meets!

The brake covers simply slip on, and once installed, the covers are nearly invisible to see, as they are merely 3 mm thin. Additionally, they are manufactured in the same plastic as the OEMs; thus, making them a durable and a great alternative to those flimsy clear films.

Covers are sold in pairs and finished in a carbon flash paint finish; just like the originals.

Kit Includes
Passenger Side Z06 Scoop Cover
Driver Side Z06 Scoop Cover

Lower Rocker Z06 Brake Intake Scoop Covers
A protective sleeve designed to cover the rear brake scoop's bezel of the Z06 and Grand Sport Corvette. Either you are protecting your new C7 or hiding the abuse from driving it, the rear Z06 Brake Scoops chipping issue is the first concern every Grand Sport and Z06 owner will soon discover. Painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black just like the OEMs.

The Issue
Here is an image of the rear brake scoops on a Z06/GS. Notice the damage, and chipping of the paint. This is due to the front tires kicking back road debris such as rocks, pebbles, stone dust, etc., towards the rear of the car. Unfortunately, the brake scoop is the main target of this issue.
Moreover, the OEM brake scoop covers are riveted to the body, which makes replacing them an expensive and lengthy task.


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