Corvette Fuel Injectors - 60lb Seimens Deka IV fuel injector LONG : LS

SKU: 11128086
Manufacturer Part Number: 107961
Availability: Usually Ships In 3-5 Days
Body Design: Long, EV1 electrical connector, Deka IV, high-carbon composite
Injectors sold individually.

Static flow rate: 60lbs/hr, 43.5 PSI (635cc/min, 3 BAR)
(Tuners: Make a special request for the Dynamic Balance Tests at 50% and Idle. We will include them with your order).
Length: 3 inches, 74 mm
Diameter: 19 mm
O-rings: Top and bottom, 14.5 mm
Part number on injector: 107961
Coil Resistance: 13 Ohms (high resistance, saturated).

3 BAR dead time/latency offset Table:
8 volts 1.538 ms; 9v 1.231ms; 10v 0.923; 11v 0.708; 12v 0.523; 13v 0.400ms; 14v 0.308; 15v
0.215; 16v 0.092; 17v 0.000

Minimum Pulse Width: 1.5 ms
Use for super street or racing applications: Domestic GM.
Can be milled to fit most imports.
Will do matched sets upon request - no extra charge.

*We buy brand new Siemens Deka fuel injectors direct from the manufacturer. All new Siemens injectors sold with a 100% Warranty.

Domestic U.S. CAR and some imports with EV1 electrical connection.


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