Corvette Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors - TPMS : C7 Stingray

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Chevy uses the tire temperature data available through the C7 Corvette Stingray Tire Pressure Sensors to more carefully control its ABS and electronic differential. Because the C7 Corvette Tire Pressure Sensors don't measure tire temperature directly (they actually measure the temperature of the TPMS sensor's microprocessor), it's not a perfect science, but it is one that data modeling can largely overcome. And it's one more piece of information that can be utilized to enhance the driving experience.

Tire temps are split into three categories: cold (below 45 degrees), warm (45-115 degrees) and hot (above 115 degrees). In "cold" mode ABS intervenes sooner and more progressively, while the differential is more aggressive to limit inside wheelspin. As temps increase, ABS control intervenes later and becomes more lenient, while differential locking ramps up more slowly.

These C7 Corvette Tire Pressure Sensors with built-in valve stem, delivers real time tire pressure information to the driver. When a tire is losing pressure, the C7 Corvette Tire Pressure Sensors provide an early warning, buying time to find a suitable place to stop.

Price is for (1) sensor and does not include sensor nut.
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